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A Retirement Community is a place where you can enjoy the successes of having run the first part of this life race and begin to focus on relaxing and enjoying the rewards of your hard work. You have made major contributions to the world. You contributed years of work and if you had children you even produced workers to continue that contribution. Now is the time to focus on all the things you couldn’t do before due to work and family contributions. Now is you time. Here is a list of 10 things you might want to do.

1. Start a Business
You may have worked under someone who you felt made many silly mistakes. This could be your time to run your business the correct way. Your way. There is no time like the present to go for it.

2. Teach
You have something a younger person does not have: Experience. Don’t be ashamed of the years you have under your belt. Use them to help the next generations.

3. Volunteer
Many agencies that relied upon some type or other of governmental support are now short-staffed and unable to serve those they may have in the past. You can fill in the gap. Use your experience to help others.

4. Go Back to School
Sometimes you make sacrifices for your family. Maybe one of your sacrifices was not starting or completing an educational program that you were interested in. Now is the time to invest in your own dream to expand your knowledge base.

5. Write a Book
One of the most respected and permanent contributions you can make to your community and the world at large is to write your experiences or your knowledge into book form. You have many years of experience. You may write many books.