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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living means that if you need a little more help navigating your environment, there is a living plan that will suit your needs. You will live as independently as you wish to and are able to. The Village Manor personnel is always available to help. But you are not alone. You get to be you with others and there are other races to run and mountains to climb.

Learn a Foreign Language
Maybe you’ve always loved the sound or timbre of a particular language. Now could be your turn to learn to speak it.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument
Maybe you’ve always admired that pianist or violinist but you didn’t have the time to invest in learning to play yourself. Now you do.

Play a new Sport
You can join with friends and move with rules. Competition. Winning. What’s not to like?

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Join a Fitness Group
Maybe you like to move, but you’re not that competitive. Join a fitness group. Show the world how good age can look.

Now you have the time. Do it.

Some people find that the race has taken some of their energy. They have experience and wisdom. They can continue to make serious contributions to the world around them. However, maybe physically they find that there are some movements that are not as easily accomplished as other. There is an answer. It is called assisted living.